2 V Products Rightnow in your Home Cures Dry Cracked Heels in 2 Days!

Dry cracked heels can really damage your appearance at times. You might feel embarrassing when you expose your cracked-feet while on beautiful sandals or open heeled shoes. Do not take a chance to feel bad just for this reason.

You can very easily disappear cracks on heels just in 2 days. Most good thing is, you need not to invest on any best foot cream or crack cream to cure cracked heels. You can simply make use of 2 best products available right now in your home & cure it in 2 days. Now let’s see that 2 sure shot remedy for dry cracked heels. It is a best remedy for stretch marks problem too.

#1 V Product is: Vaseline

Vaseline contains rich minerals, petroleum jelly and other skin moisturizing ingredients. It is a cheap & best beauty product which everyone might have it in your home. Simply smear thick layer of vaseline on your cracked sole. It will amazingly repair dryness, cracks and gives soft & supple feet.

#2 V Product is: Vicks Vapourub

Vicks vaporub is a product which everyone have at home for sure. It not only cures cold & congestion. It has many pretty uses beyond it. Petroleum jelly, menthol, eucalyptus oil present in vicks can soothe & repair dry & cracked feet. It helps to fix cracks on heels & makes feet smooth & silky touch skin.

All you Need to Do to Disappear Cracks in 2 Days

It is so simple to get rid of dryness & cracks on your feet in 2 days. Simply follow the below instructions for two days & cracks are gone!


  • Open a tap & wash your feet well in running water
  • Let the water flow on your cracked heels
  • Take your old tooth brush
  • Clean your cracked heels just for 1 minute
  • Take a clean towel & gently wipe off water
  • Apply vaseline on the first day & vicks on the second day
  • Apply a thick layer on your cracks & massage for 1 minute
  • Wear socks & leave it overnight
  • Cracks on heels are gone!

Doing it for 2 continuous days will surely kick out dryness & cracks on your feet. Try this easy & effective home remedy to cure dry cracked heels in just 2 days without spending a single penny for it. Have happy & beautiful feet!

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