Add Salt in your Shampoo Bottle to Solve your Biggest Hair Problems!

Salt is not only the important ingredient to give taste to your food. It has numerous uses in day-to-day life. Salt can be used for various purposes of health & beauty. Adding little salt in skin & hair products can really help to get beautiful skin & hair. Now let’s see what happens if you put salt in your shampoo bottle.

What Salt Should I Use for Hair?

Adding little salt to your shampoo is an excellent way to get healthy hair. It is yet another way to promote hair growth. It keeps scalp clean, oil free and infections free. Especially, it prevents dandruff & scalp psoriasis. There are lots of varieties in salts that are used for hair. Most commonly used salts for beauty purposes are:

  • Epsom Salts
  • Pink Himalayan Salts
  • Dead Sea Salts
  • Deep Sea Crystal Salts etc.

You can choose any one of your choice. You can also use these salts to get beautiful skin.

Excellent for Oily & Dandruff Hair Condition

Salt is an excellent ingredient especially for oily scalp hair. It helps to easily get away the excess oiliness & greasiness from hair & scalp. Just add 2 – 3 tsp of organic sea salt to your shampoo bottle. Shake well. Use it for hair wash. Make sure you shake it well before use. You can see the visible changes in your scalp & hair in two weeks.

DIY Homemade Sea Salt Hair Spray

You can also make your own hair spray at home using sea salts. Doing it once a month will refresh and cleanses scalp thoroughly. It also helps in hair growth.

  • Just mix 2-3 tsp of sea salt in hot water
  • Add 1 tsp of almond oil
  • Add 1 tsp of aloe gel
  • Mix all the ingredients well
  • Pour it in a spray bottle
  • Shake well & use it

How to Use Sea Salt Hair Spray

Spray it on your scalp & hair completely. Leave it for 1 – 2 hours. Wash your hair with warm water without using shampoo. It is an excellent hair spray to clean scalp & regrow hair naturally.

So, add salt to your shampoo bottle to stop your biggest hair problem. Also, try this sea salt hair spray once a month to rejuvenate scalp & hair naturally. Using salts for hair is a good way to make healthy hair.

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