Do this Daily to Save your Skin from Pollution, Dust, Allergies & Aging

Do you know? Environmental pollution, dust and smoke are the biggest reason for skin problems. It damages skin layers & bring in many other skin problems. Especially, faster aging of skin is caused due to environmental pollutants. So, to protect your skin from pollution has brought one easy & useful tip. Try this daily & save your skin damages.

Just Spray it!

You can buy a good anti-bacterial toner. You can also prepare best homemade anti-bacterial toner at home. Neem, tulsi, turmeric, tea tree has good anti-bacterial properties. It is an excellent way to protect your skin from damages caused by pollution. Using anti-bacterial toner helps to remove dust, dirt, pollutants from skin naturally. It also protects skin layers deeply.

Things you Need

Shop some environmental damage skin care products or make your own skincare products.

• Anti-Bacterial Skin Toner

• Nourishing Skin Cream

When & How to Use it?

Step 1

spary toner

As soon as you come home from outside, relax for a while. Take an anti-bacterial toner & just spray it all over your face. Take a tissue & gently wipe off the dirt, dust & pollutants from skin. Repeat it twice each time you come from polluted environment.

Step 2

massage cream

Apply a nourishing cream all over your face. Gently massage for few minutes. Leave it on. It helps to keep skin layers healthy & nourished. Skin cells get renewed & prevents environmental damages on skin.

Spare two minutes of your every day to keep your skin healthy & glowing. It also helps to prevent aging symptoms on skin naturally. Have damage-free & healthy skin!

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