This Women Shares One Mistake that Stopped her from Losing Weight

Losing weight faster is possible, but it’svery challenging one. You might think that you are following the right track to lose weight. But sometimes it wouldn’t work for you. Reason behind it is you are making very basic mistakes while trying to lose weight. Check out what Jessie Rita shared as her weight loss mistake. Learn from it to make your weight loss target easier&achievable!

Check out the Jessie’s Weight Loss Mistakes which you Might also be Doing

Healthy Means Healthy!

proceed food

(i) It is very true that eating healthy foods helps to lose weight naturally. But, I was loading my stomach with lots of healthy foods. Even it is healthy,you shouldn’t take it for granted. Limit your portion.

(ii) Here comes the big mistake I was doing in the name of healthy eating. I started to eat lot of processed foods which are claimed as healthy. But it’s not actually healthy for you. I used to eat processed foods like breads, bottled juices, jam, peanut butter, multi-grain wheat cookies, tomato sauces, cheese stuffs, flavored yogurt etc.Avoid eating processed foods while trying to lose weight.

No Meal Plan!

meal plan

I was focused on healthy eating for weight loss. The mistake I’ve done was, not having weight loss meal plan chart to follow daily. You must prepare a meal plan that contains weight loss foods. It must be a balanced diet, skipping high carbs & fats in it.

Not Changing Workouts Periodically


I was thinking why am Inot losing weight even after exercising & dieting! Here is the exercise mistake which I’ve committed while trying to lose weight. I was doing same set of exercises routinely for many weeks. After consulting with a fitness trainer I got to know this. You must always change your workouts or exercises atleast twice in a week. Doing same set of exercises everyday will not help.

My Dear Friends,

These are the mistakes I’ve been doing while trying to lose weight. Make sure you don’t do these when you are in a weight loss regimen. After I’ve corrected my weight loss mistakes, I was able to lose weight faster. It really helped me. I’ve lost 2 kgs in the first week. So, make your weight loss dream successful. Lose weight, stay fit!



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