Do Oil Pulling in this Way to Stop Acne Pimples Permanently

Some best home remedies for acne or pimples would have helped you to get instant relief from the problem. If you are searching for ‘how to get rid of acne forever naturally’, then it is a sure shot remedy for you. This ancient home treatment is an effective & permanent solution for pimples or acne problem. Try this easy technique to have clean & clear skin. Now let’s get into the treatment! 

“Oil Pulling Clear Skin Technique”

pimple problemMany who had severe acne or pimples or breakouts has openly said ‘oily pulling cleared my skin’ after trying it for a week. It is one of the amazing methods for all who are suffering from acne problem continuously. Try this oil pulling acne treatment for a week & get clear skin results. 

“What is Oil Pulling Acne Cure Remedy?”

pulling oil

Oil pulling is an ancient practice which helps to remove toxins from the body. It is nothing but swishing oil in your mouth for some time. Using best virgin oils like sesame oil or coconut oil or olive oil is advised for this oil pulling technique. Doing this simple thing has tons of health & beauty benefits. 

“How Does Oil Pulling work for Permanent Solution for Pimples?”

pimple skin2

Does oil pulling clear acne? How it works? Oil pulling process helps to detoxify body naturally. It will cleanse your system removing wastes, toxins, harmful worms, bacteria & viruses. This helps excellently in getting clean, clear & acne-free skin.

You will really wonder if you know about oil pulling beauty benefits. It not only helps for clearing acne!

  • Makes skin glowing
  • Improves skin softness
  • Prevents aging skin
  • Rosy glowing cheeks
  • Helps for healthy & wrinkle-free skin
  • Removes blemishes like acne marks, scars & dark marks
  • Whitens teeth etc. 

Steps to Do Oil Pulling Acne Clear Treatment

This oil pulling technique is very simple. You just need to choose virgin & pure oils to choice. Here are the steps.

coconut oil
Before you do this, drink a glass of warm water

  • Take a spoon of virgin coconut or sesame oil (your choice)
  • Swish in your mouth for 10 minutes
  • Once you are done, spit out the oil immediately



This swished oil has lots of acne-causing bacteria, toxins other impurities



  • Rinse your mouth with water (preferably warm water)
  • Now, brush your teeth thoroughly
  • Oil pulling remedy for pimples is done!




Tip:More longer you swish the oil in mouth, more the effective the oil pulling treatment. Recommended time is 20 minutes. This is the best remedy to get rid of acne permanently and fast.

This simple method is a permanent cure for pimples. Do this as part of your daily beauty routine atleast thrice in a week. Get clear skin & get out of pimples problem permanently!

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