kitchen remedies for glowing skin
#1: Banana Facial Mask Banana contains many vital nutrients and minerals than any other fruits. This helps to keep your skin moisturized and help you to get a smooth and healthy skin. Take some ripe banana and make it to a smooth paste and apply it over the face and...
benefits of castor oil

Let us see How Castor Oil Benefits Our Skin

Do you agree if I say Castor Oil could give you amazing benefits to your skin? Castor Oil is used in almost everybody’s kitchen...
Natural tricks for skin whitening.

Three Simple Skin Whitening Tips

Lemon and honey is a very good natural ingredient to lighten the darkness of skin. Lemon contains citric acid and it is a natural...
use cocoa butter for skin and hair

In Winter Cocoa Butter plays a Magic Role on your Skin

Cocoa butter is a very good natural skin moisturizer. Normally, we use cocoa butter in chocolates, ice creams, etc. and also it has been...

What to Do When You Hit a Healthy Lifestyle Plateau

Find people with high expectations and a low tolerance for excuses. They'll have higher expectations for you than you have for yourself. Don't flatter...
nail color for this summer

Nail Polish Colors that goes Well for Winter

#1: Warm Opaque Beige #2: Light Gray #3: Metallic Silver #4: Charcoal Gray #5: Sea Foam Green #6: Dark Green #7: Classic Red Apple #8: Cherry Red #9: Burgundy #10: Light Purple #11: Dark...
dark underarms

Natural ways to Whiten your Underarms

To whiten the underarms many goes to laser treatments, waxing etc. which contains chemicals, sometimes costly and may cause skin allergies or side effects...
facial at home

Let us see How to do Facials at Home Without Expensive

Items Required Ice cubes with water Pore scrubber Face complexion brush (Optional) Face cream Face mask Synthetic Bristle Brush Face towel Method Before doing facial...
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