Simple Techniques to Darken your Eyebrows

We have seen some people have very light eyebrows. To make it look darker people will use eyebrow pencils, dye’s. A dark and well-shaped eyebrow will give you pleasant look. Below are the few techniques to make your eyebrows look darker.

Darken through Dye’s


One who has light eyebrows can darken their eyebrow using synthetic dyes. You can do this going to a salon or at home if you are a professional. The dye which is used for eyebrow should be especially made for dyeing eyebrows. Do not buy the dye which is normally used to color hair.

Choose a dye which is lighter than your eyebrows because if your eyebrows are darker or if you have the same color similar to your hair, it will look unnatural or odd.

Darken through Make-ups

make up tool

You can darken your eyebrows using mascaras, eye-shadows, eye-liners etc. But this method works only for a day. Take mascara brush and swipe gently on the eyebrows. Do not apply too much of mascaras. It gives makes you look odd.

Darken through Eye-shadows


It is the easiest method for darkening the eye-brows. Dip the eye brow brush on the color similar to your eye brows. Do not use darker shades.

Proper shaping and make-ups help to get flaunting eyebrows. Well, groomed eye brows make you look beautiful and it gives a complete make-up touch. Never ignore eye brows to look best.

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