Top Mehandi and Henna Kits

Coloring hands and legs with mehandi for some occasions are the practice followed in India, Pakistan, and Arabian Countries. They put mehandi designs for parties, weddings etc. There are much different varieties of mehandi’s available in the market namely red henna, black henna, glitter, stones etc. Either you can draw a traditional one or even you can use colors and decorate your hands and legs.

Do not buy the henna kit which is already mixed because the paste will last only for 4-5 days so that it will lose its staining power. If you go for chemical henna’s it will give your very nice colors but it may harm your hands. While choosing henna kits do not forget to choose the natural or organic one.

Here is some top mehandi henna kits used for every occasion without chemicals.

ShahnazMehandi Henna Kit

Shahnaz Mehandi

It is the very popular and well-known product. It is fully blended with natural products. The mixing solution, paste, and the powder all comes along with the kit. You can put more design using the powders.

Earth Henna Kit

Earth Henna mehendi

It is 100% natural henna powder from Moracco. The mixing solution needed to make the paste comes along with the pack. You can make upto 15-20 designs with 100 gms of the pack.

Henna city Tatoo Kit


This temporary tattoo kit contains triple sifted Rajasthani mehandi that is certified as organic. The mixing solution does not contain any chemical substances. It gives a deeper red color and it will lasts up-to two weeks.

Jacquard Henna Mehandi Kit

It contains full of herbal powders and does not give any side-affects. It is the top leading henna mehnadi kit sold in the market. The kit contains henna powder, mordant liquid, applicator bottle, sugar and citric acid solution, eucalyptus oil etc.

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