Top Sindoor Brands For Your Wedding

Top Wedding Sindoor Brands in India

Sindoor is the traditional colored powder kept on the part of the hair. Wearing sindoor is considered auspicious. It is said to the symbol of married women. But in this modern age of globalization applying sindoor has now become a fashion. It will enhance your beauty as well as keep you sync to the customs and rituals of Hindus.

Now let us see the top sindoor brands which flourish your marital status in style.

Lotus Herbals Divine dew Herbal Sindoor

Lotus Herbals

As the name itself indicates it is prepared from the lotus flower with full of herbal products which are safe and do not contain any chemical substances. A sponge brush is provided along with the pack to make it ease and convenient while applying. It is available in maroon and red color with a matt finishing.

Shahnaz Husain Herbal Sindoor

Shahnaz Husain

It is the herbal sindoor from the well-known person Shahnaz Hussain. It is clinically tested and formulated product. It is 100% chemical free product and it won’t make any kind of skin allergy.

Lakme Jewel Sindoor

Lakme Jewe

It is the very popular item with the younger generation. It has a sponge on the top which is easy and convenient to apply. It will not make any skin allergies or rashes on the scalp. Moreover, this product is available in two different shades red and maroon.

Keya Seth Aroma Sindoor

Keya Seth

Keya Seth Aroma Sindoor is purely herbal and no chemicals are added in this particular product. It is prepared from floral colors and minerals. Hence, it is considered as very safe and does not make any harm on the skin. It is also formulated with slightly golden dust which adds a glittering essence.

Jovees Herbal  Sindoor

Jovees Herbal

It is the cheapest product compared to others. It is completely free from toxins namely lead and mercury. Two shades are available in this product namely maroon and red color.

Blue Heaven PlatinaSindoor

Blue Heaven

This product is available in red and maroon color. It is the liquid sindoor from blue heaven. This sindoor do not irritate your skin and moreover, it is sunscreen protected with long lasting color. Also, it dries very quickly.

Coloressence Aqua SD-R Sindoor


It has a sponge brush on the tip. Colors available are maroon and bright red. It is matte finishing sindoor with smudge free which makes you more beautiful.

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